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Please join us in supporting efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.

Serving the community by raising funds and promoting initiatives

Bikes for Reading

Continuous emphasis of physical reading programs are essential. Tomball Masonic Lodge 1096 through cooperation and local schools and the students, the Bikes for Reading has shown the determination by all involved.   We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.

At Tomball Masonic Lodge 1096, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing this issue.


With this initiative, our goal is to improve our local school children’s Dental Hygiene by providing “Tooth Fairy Kits” and educating them on proper dental hygiene practices.  The “Tooth Fairy Kits” include, toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and tips and stickers to better Dental Hygiene.

Adopt – A – Highway

Volunteering is at the heart of a strong community, and Tomball Lodge participates in the TxDOT’s Adopt-a-Highway program doing our part to make the community a better place. Do you want to make a positive difference where you live? If so, consider joining us in TxDOT’s Adopt-a-Highway.

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